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Setting Up Your Lehigh Sports Forum Avatar

Here’s how you add your avatar to your Lehigh Sports Forum board posts.

1. Go to
2. Sign up using the same email you’ve used to sign up to the Lehigh Sports Forum and verify the address
3. Upload a photo there
4. Crop the photo to the desired size
5. Wait about 10 minutes, then log out, and log back into the Lehigh Sports Forum

Your new avatar should be on your posts!

PS. You don’t strictly have to add an avatar if you don’t want to. If that’s the case, a generated avatar will be associated with your account.

CSJ’s NCAA FCS Pick ‘Em Game

Can’t get enough bracket picking in March Madness? Here’s another one, courtesy of the College Sports Journal, with an FCS flavor.

The object of the contest is simple – pick the winners of the NCAA tournament games which happen to involve schools that host an FCS football team. Each game is weighted differently with a maximum number of 8 points per win.

The contest page will be updated with the leaders and the updated games to pick as the NCAA tournament proceeds. For Round 1 you have up until 5:30 EDT to pick the first game.

Good luck! The contest page is here.

It’s coming….

Football season is here, and men’s basketball is just around the corner.  There are some seriously exciting developments that may very well be just around the corner for the Lehigh Sports Forum and Lehigh sports fans…  that will be coming in time for the start of the men’s basketball season.

Check this space soon for more information!

TIVO Alert

Dozie Mbonu’s Nigerian team is facing off against Tunisia in the Olympics at 4:00AM EDT!

If you have Verizon FIOS in the Phialdelphia area, it will be shown on Channel 594 on the NBC Olympic basketball channel.  Check your local listings/cable provide before running the TIVO!