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    I have us either 5-6 or 6-5 next year. Have too do homework on a couple of teams. Out of the box at 0-3 will be tough too overcome. A demoralizing loss to Navy will determine 5-6 or 6-5. How the team bounces back???? Back up rb gone. Brags needs to stay healthy and develop future. Great O-line coach gone.. Will hurt strength of team. Despite what this forum says Bot will be missed but look forward to new HOLY Cross input. We can only go up from last year. 4-7 not unrealistic with no leadership in this class!!! Look for mid-season under-classman being injected in to give team a boost if all goes south. Looking forward too see what this new defensive coach can bring to the table. Do think this is Coens last year whether we go 11-0 or 0-11. Anybody seen Checcini around???


    Not quite as pessimistic. 7-4 seems possible.
    SFU not a cupcake but s/b a W
    Nova Likely L unless we can stop run
    Navy An L need to be competitive and come out healthy
    Penn A W . Our advantage if healthy will be game speed
    Princeton A tossup. Hope for a W
    PL sched Gate only tossup but dont tkink we’ll get it. Rest should bevWs.
    RB s/ b fine with Dom, Micco and Chadbourn plus Allen and Lucas.
    WR and OL lise a lot but also returns a lot of very good veterans.



    micco quit…along with quite a few of other players. spring is going to be very thin.


    Wow. That is a surprise. Not unusual for WOs to leave and we have a number of non schollies. Micco may keep his schollie, assuming a legit reason for quitting. Joe will give him a job somewhere in AD.Chadbourn and Allen next up. Still not great news.


    objective observer

    My last post as my son graduated

    if you were at the banquet- and listened to Duffy’s Speech

    Lehigh will be lucky to have more than 4 wins next year

    if you really think about it
    colgate and lafayette could have easily been loses-

    some people might think sour grapes- blah blah

    but listen to the reasoning
    I couldn’t say anything due to my son being on the team

    you have a cancer on the team and it is called ENTILEMENT
    also you lost one of the best coaches in Mariano-
    a lot of transition in coaching changes- will impact the game

    you lose 3 of the best lineman in the patriot league-
    and you lose 4 defensive lineman
    there is a new breed of athlete coming to Lehigh

    Lafayette is going to be better
    colgate will be the team to beat
    Lehigh will finish no higher than 3rd next year in the patriot league

    You can mark this down- and come and beat me up if I am wrong
    next year lehigh will be 4-7
    4-2 in the patriot league maybe 5-6- st francis is winnable




    Interesting perspective. As a casual observer I cannot say whether you are right or wrong. My only question would be, can you expand upon that ENTITLEMENT theory. What type of entitlement and for whom?

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    None of us know what oo is claiming. My guess is it is based primarily on his son being on the team.
    I do not claim to be an insider but I do not see where this “cancer” is on this squad. I have seen it on other teams where a coach’s favorite gets preference over a more qualified player. oo seems to be saying that the football team is rife with multiple examples of this type of preference. I look over our roster and the kids who are on the 2 deep. I just dont see that issue at any position. I even looked thru the senior class to try to find a player or players this might apply to. I am puzzled.



    I just want to know who the author is so I can “beat him up” if he is wrong! lol. Every parent has been there at one time or another…disappointment, frustration, anger. Are certain kids given preferential treatment at times or promoted more than others?? Sure they are, but that is called life. Good lesson to learn in college. As for entitlement to the extent that Lehigh fields a lesser team…I find that very hard to believe.


    Ah, its just oo. Over his time he has made a number of astute observations. Mostly pretty objective. This last post morevpersonal than objective.
    I am more interested in Spring practice. Mostly to see what develops on D.
    O just needs to do next man up. Ample talent and experience. I do hope new OL coach keeps our streak of excellent OL coaches intact.:)
    D a bit more of a project to say the least.

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