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    Game Notes


    We await


    We await

    KenPom Rankings and Prediction
    Bucky (19-6, 11-1) Ranked 89th
    Lehigh (13-10, 7-5) Ranked 1115th
    LU wins by 2 (76-74)

    Around the League on Wednesday
    Loyola (7-5) @ Navy (8-4)
    BU (8-4) @ American (2-10)
    LC (2-10) @ HC (6-6)
    AWP (3-9) @ CU (6-6)

    Don’t put it past us to beat Bucky at home tomorrow night only to struggle the rest of the way. It’s been that sort of year – one marked by uneven and, at times, spiritless play. Oh yeah, then you have the injuries which have dictated, more often than not, a 3-man bench for much of League play.

    Like other years, at this point in the schedule, it becomes a race to finish in the Top 6 to excuse yourself from competing in the opening round of the playoffs schedule to begin this year on February 28th. On that night, Seeds 10 and 9 travel to Seeds 7 and 8, respectively, to open the Tournament. Those winners will then advance to play in the March 2nd “Quarters” together with teams from the Top 6. With just six games remaining on the schedule and Lehigh sitting in the 5-hole (tied with Loyola but really holding onto 5) just a game ahead of HC and CU, and a game behind Navy and BU, we are in a precarious position to say the least. Final league placement and seeding will probably come down to a study of “who beat who” and the application of tie-breaking scenarios. Owning two wins over Bucky could be big…real big. Therefore, the importance of tomorrow night’s showdown at Stabler can’t be stressed enough. Here’s where we stand going into the game:

      Opponent / Our W-L Record

    AU / 2-0
    Bucknell / 1-0
    HC / 1-0
    AWP / 1-0
    LC / 1-0
    CU / 1-0
    Navy / 0-1
    Loyola / 0-2
    Boston U. / 0-2


    Any word on Andree?


    Boy the Bucknellians really dislike “crybaby” Kempton. Hope Tim buries them tonite.
    They are also asking about Pat.



    With the state of the PL race, the significance of this game…and the fact that Tim will play against better competition (Nana) ….NBA scouts will be following his performance. Tim surely knows this and be highly motivated….I hope.


    Tim is always motivated, no problem with his effort and enthusiasm

    my concern is who shuts down zach Thomas


    Well that was fun. AP and TK. Very enjoyable game. Realize that matchups are different team to team but tonite begs the question why cant we do this every game.


    glad Buffs do not play zone D

    I have been critical of BA but hats off to him, he has really upped his game and played some tough D tonight

    I still think the short bench is hurting these guys in the final 10 minutes, energy level is just not there and it shows in little things like missed lay ups and rebounds

    and how many times did Ross hit the floor with not one foul called, hmmmm



    Great, gutsy effort tonight. Lots of key contributions, especially AP, KL, TK and BA. AP huge in second half. Also, liked JC’s minutes. Although he did miss a chippy. Like the way we attacked rim in first half off the bounce.

    Wish we could get something from MH. He is regressing and has gone from starter to out of rotation.


    I didn’t see game, but it sounds impressive.

    Does that mean Reed can keep his job and we’re out of Panic City or ???



    Need to point out – perhaps the obvious to some – but needs to be said nonetheless: FT%

    Only 26 teams from around the country (none from the PL) do it any better than Lehigh. Going 18 for 20 vs. Bucky the other night just highlights the fact. Love the shifty moves put on display the other night by BA, KR, and KL as they drove down the lane and along the baseline. Toss in the quick moves put on display by JC, too. You can hope they get hacked. If not, then maybe a dish-off to Tim.

    The numbers (FT%) are in our favor….

    JC: .955
    KL: .800
    KR: .800
    TK: .768
    BA: .683

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