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    My friends, welcome back!
    Ben is back to bluntly deliver the truth.
    After last year’s experimental fiasco, you would have hoped for a lot of changes in playing style and some strategic reassessment before this season. Nevertheless, the pre-season message was the same. “We are happy to return our five starters who are accountable for over 91 percent of the minutes, nearly 93 percent of the points and made field goals last season.”
    May I respectfully add “and a 10-20 record including 10 losses in a row”?
    There is no winning culture. Is the team’s focus on fun, women’s development, mastery of basketball skills, or winning? Do the coaches promote individual accomplishment, records or team success? When you are not required to win and your job has never been in jeopardy, the entire program suffers. Once again, welcome back!

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