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    Reinforcements coming next year with 2 bigs in the new class. Lynch is a classic 5, back to the basket, low post player, and at 6’10” and 265 is a big body. He seems like he has the body and high school pedigree to be a starter day 1 at Lehigh, like a Knutson or Kempton. 3 Star recruit, from a very solid high school program and turned down some much bigger offers like Washington. I don’t see him as a pick and roll high post threat yet, or a pick and pop shooter. In highlights, he looks like he is a camp out on the low box type player. Able to shield his defender, establish post up position and finish. Hopefully, he is skilled down there and can score, as he doesn’t appear to be super athletic. It will be interesting to see if he and Karnik can play together, as the are both low post type guys. Maybe they can run a high low post type offense, with 3 guards who can shoot the 3.

    Jeameril Wilson looks like a big athletic guy, at 6’7″, but a slight 188 pounds. Hopefully, he can work into a front court rotation, and eat up some minutes with Lynch, Karnik and perhaps Porter and Lieb. Wilson not a big time high school scorer, so hopefully does everything else well, rebound, defender, score off the glass, block some shots.

    We are going to need our perimeter guys to guard much better next year to be competitive nightly. We were very bad at that this year.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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