Does Your Inbox Suffer from LUWN MIAs??

Talk about the champions, or the Top 25 nationally-ranked team!
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Does Your Inbox Suffer from LUWN MIAs??

Post by drd5748 » Thu Jan 14, 2021 1:00 pm

If any subscriber missing issues recently, pls advise -
The last 6 issues were entitled:

2021 1-13 Navy Preview
2021 1-9 Pitt Results
2021 1-3 Pitt Preview
2020 12-27 Hofstra Preview
2020 12-17 Weirdest Year Ever
2020 11-28 Bummer, Feels Like Summer .... will "re-send' any you'd like

The LUWN apologizes bigtime for AOL gaffes (which delivers the News). Yes, I cudda, shudda switched providers during the long break (sorry). Problem: over the past year they began deleting a few email addresses at a time - randomly, for no reason - even if the subscriber is AOL, a direct link to me.

Not sure how much longer AOL will stay in the email business
and I assume the reason many readers didn't alert me sooner was the long gap between seasons - not to mention doubt as to whether there would BE a season Several commented they were afraid of a serious heart issue - hey, I published 10 days after my double by-pass in 2013! (and had Garry Paul cover for me while in ICU)

Will look into a new provider in post-season (man, that's coming p soon!)

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