Malyke Hines is Again Fine, Thanks

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Malyke Hines is Again Fine, Thanks

Post by drd5748 » Sat Sep 17, 2022 4:12 pm

Malyke wasn't under the tent this morning but Caden Rogers & parents were; I enjoyed talking to all three. Neat people. It turns out Caden is 1 of the most talkative recruits in my lifetime (right up there w/Pete Yozzo).
So I "interviewed" him about HInes:

Me: "Some expert fans are upset about Malyke moving up"
Caden (w/out missing a beat and not bothering to ask what I meant):
..... "He weighed 155 the other day; highest weigh-in ever; not fat; been lifting and eating more than ever before."
Me: "So you feel he can handle 141?"
Caden: "absolutely."

One would imagine that 'knowledgeable' fans realize that when you're 5'10" with plans to wrestle 133 you can't lift "more weights than ever before' (yes, some arm chair 'experts' will argue you can lift some w/out gaining wt; which he's already done). All I have. Except that I got confirmation that some fans were right about another wrestler being too small for 141 last year.

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