How to Catch Fordham at Lehigh

This weekend's Fordham/Lehigh game, if you're not able to make it to Murray Goodman Stadium... wait, why aren't you able to head to Murray Goodman Stadium?  It's beautiful weather out there!  Homecoming!  Go!

Oh, OK, so I finally accept that you can't attend the game.  In that case, if you're in the Lehigh Valley, you can catch the game in its regular place on Service Electric 2 Sports. with Mike Zambelli, Mike Yadush, and Al DiCarlo on the call, and on the radio on AM 1230/1320 on Lehigh Valley ESPN Radio, featuring Matt Kerr, Matt Markus, Tom Fallon and Lance Haynes.

You can also get a live video stream of the game online on Campus Insiders from the link here.  Their broadcast team will be Ray Crawford, Doug Chapman and Rich Cirminiello.

And I will also say that if you follow my Twitter feed (@LFN), I'll do my best to keep up with the action.
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Game Breakdown: Fordham at Lehigh, 10/24/2014

WR Brian Wetzel (AP Photo)
We break down the Fordham game - and we give our fearless prediction below the flip.

Fordham's incredible squad gives a tantalizing glimpse as to what Patriot League football teams might look like once four seasons of scholarship athletes come into the program.

In their first year of eligibility for the Patriot League title since adopting conventional scholarships in football, Fordham has been drilling opponents, scoring more than 40 points per game in their six wins.

They're doing so with scholarship athletes, of course - but with scholarship athletes that are seniors, too, including two very, very important transfers from UConn.

Fordham's strategy has been a slow payoff, but a great one so far, giving the Rams a squad that is among the top offenses in all of FCS.

That's what Lehigh is up against this weekend.

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Game Preview: Fordham at Lehigh, 10/25/2013

If the records and numbers determined the outcome, they probably wouldn't bother playing the football game.

Lehigh, at 1-5, faces off against Fordham, the 12th-ranked team in the nation, who sits atop the Patriot League at 6-1.

Fordham boasts one of the top offenses in the  nation - that part's pretty much known by everyone - but what few people realize is their defense, for the most part, has also been stellar.

Three weeks ago, on Friday night TV against the defending Patriot League champions, Lafayette, you probably heard or saw the four-minute stretch where QB Michael Nebrich helped score three straight touchdowns to put the game, basically, out of reach.  What you didn't maybe stop to think about is that the Rams stopped the Leopards on three quick, straight drives, allowing that offense to bowl over the Lafayette defense.

So don't play the game, the stats and highlights seem to say.  Fordham's too good.  Don't even bother.

But you can guarantee that this Lehigh team will still line up on Saturday, and they still believe that they can win this game.  And this week, after Lehigh's first win of the season, belief is not hard to come by on this team.
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Impossible dreams

What do you do when nobody believes in you?

What if people keep telling you your dreams are impossible, that people you know and trust keep telling you over and over again to not even bother with your dreams, that these dreams aren't realistic, that what you want to do is against the natural order of things?

I feel like though life, people are constantly telling you what you can't do.  Even when people say that you can do something, they don't really mean it - in their eyes, they feel like you can't.

Everything good that's happened to me in my life came from holding my dreams close, not allowing other people to define for me what my dreams are, can, and can not be.
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1 on 1 With Brandon Alston

Lehigh Hoops Nation, as part of the continuing effort to get everyone prepared and ready for the ’14-’15 edition of Lehigh Basketball, was fortunate enough to chat with freshman guard Brandon Alston. This Q&A should help Mountain Hawk fans get to know Brandon. Special thanks to the freshman guard from Virginia for sitting down to chat.

Q.) What is your earliest basketball memory?

A.) I played with a team out of Baltimore called Baltimore Panthers and we got second place in 10u AAU Nationals.

Q.) Where do your athletic genes come from?

A.) My dad was a two time all conference cornerback at VMI. My mom was a swimmer.

Q.) Can you talk about the decision to reclassify into the high school class of 2014 and commit to Lehigh?

A.) I decided to leave high school early and come to Lehigh because I felt that I was ready for something new. I had been to a few high schools and what I was looking for, I felt I could find at Lehigh.

Q.) What made you feel that you were ready for the college game a year earlier than originally planned?

A.) I never felt I wasn’t able to play with my original class from a talent standpoint, I actually thought I was under-rated originally. I decided to graduate because reclassifying started to hold me back instead of get me better.

Q.) Can you give Lehigh fans a self-scouting report on your game?

A.) I don’t have a specific scouting report for myself, but I like to think of myself as an aggressive player who can do many things on the court.

Q.) What NBA player best describes your style of play? LHN sees a little Paul Pierce.

A.) I have never modeled my game specifically after anybody else. Although Paul Pierce is one of the best players ever in my opinion, I would say my game more closely resembles James Harden. Paul Pierce often only finishes the break whereas James Harden likes to both start the break and finish. Also, James Harden likes to do more off the bounce.

Q.)What parts of your game have you spent the most time working on since the high school season ended?

A.) I always work the most on dribbling and shooting.

Q.) You got to campus well before the majority of your non-basketball playing classmates, as you enrolled in summer school to take a class and workout with other LU players and coaches, what was that experience like?

A.) It was great to get to know the campus well before the official year began. Also, I was able to get good grades in two classes to get me off to a good start.

Q.) How has it been getting to meet all your fellow classmates in Kahron and Tyler?

A.) All three of us have gotten along better than could be expected. We are all interested in pretty much the same stuff and are happy to be here.

Q.) What goals have you set for yourself in your first year?

A.) My main goal for this season is to win a Patriot League Championship and get to the NCAA tournament.

Q.) Can you tell us a little bit about Brandon off the court?

A.) I like to eat good food and watch Netflix.

Thanks for taking the time to chat Brandon. Best of luck this season.

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Lehigh Works Out Its Bad Karma, Gets First Win, 31-14 Over Cornell

There have been times this season that Lehigh has been agonizingly close to winning games they have ended up losing.

It's as if they've been stuck with bad karma; that they've been oh-so-close to winning, but some bad karmic event keeps them out of the victory column.

Against the Big Red on homecoming this weekend, the Bad Karma seemed to be at Schoellkopf Field for Lehigh once again.

A well-defended pass bounced into the hands of Cornell WR Collin Shaw set up one Big Red touchdown. and a low snap to punter junior P Austin Devine set up another, making a 17-0 Mountain Hawk become a very slim, thin-feeling 17-14 spot for Lehigh.

But then just like that, the Lehigh offense seemed to have finished with its bad karma, with senior RB Rich Sodeke leading the charge to set up one big touchdown, and scoring the final exclamation point on Lehigh's first win of the season.

It all added up to a satisfying return to winning for the Mountain Hawks.
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How To Catch Lehigh/Cornell

This weekend's Lehigh/Cornell game, if you're not able to make it to Ithaca, will be available to be viewed online, but it will require a subscription and a fee to do it.

It's available to on the Ivy League Digital Network, and you can buy it on a school day-pass basis.

I forget the price of Cornell's day pass, but if you went for the monthly subscription to ILDN back when we played Yale, then you're good for this weekend's game at Cornell.

The game is Lehigh's latest start of the season, at 3:30 PM up in Ithaca.

My plan is to can listen to the game for free on (or on the radio at AM 1230 and 1320 of the Lehigh Valley).  The reassuring voices of Matt Kerr and Matt Markus will be on the call.

And I will also say that if you follow my Twitter feed (@LFN), I'll do my best to keep up with the action.
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Game Breakdown, Lehigh vs. Cornell, 10/18/2014

We break down the Cornell game after the flip.

The Cornell Big Red are led by the youngest head football coach in all of Division I, David Archer.

His resume sounds like a college football player's dream; starter on the offensive line at Cornell, invited to remain on the coaching staff after a year as an assistant at Franklin and Marshall, and then, after five years and a surprise departure from then-head coach Kent Austin, being promoted from within to become the head coach at your Alma Mater.

What may not be a dream is Cornell's record ever since he took over.  While not entirely his fault, Archer has gone only 3-11 as head Big Red.  Still, it's more victories (and more losses) than I've enjoyed as a Division I head football coach, and he's not even 35.  (To both of you who are wondering: My Division I coaching record is a perfect 0-0-0.)

Cornell is a typical Ivy League school in that NFL prospects have been known to compete up in Ithaca, and this year is no exception, as you'll find out.

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Game Preview: Lehigh at Cornell, 10/18/2014

You hate to put it this way, but this weekend's tilt between Lehigh and Cornell could be the anemic force versus the extremely movable object.

Lehigh's defense would be the movable object, ranking dead last in FCS in total defense, but the Not So Big Red's offense, ranked 121 out of 123 FCS teams, hasn't exactly impressed either.

It sets up two teams extremely hungry for victory this Saturday, eager to get something positive going before the rest of the regular-season schedule gets back underway.

In May, this might have seemed like a speed-bump up in Ithaca.  Now, it seems like a game that must somehow be a victory to get the bus out of the ditch.
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LFN Look Back: Chance At the Postseason On The Line in ’77

The latest disco music was available right off campus at "Records and Things".  A young Phillies pitcher named Steve Carlton wins his second Cy Young Award.  Debbie Boone's "You Light Up My Life" topped the charts, spending 10 weeks at No. 1 on Billboard .  Rocky was still in theaters.  Billy Joel would tour Bethlehem and the valley, perhaps setting the stage for his later hit Allentown.

In local news in 1977, Lehigh was also in the running for an invitation to the football postseason.

Coming into the 113th meeting between the Leopards and Engineers, as they were commonly known at the time, never before had been so much on the line for Lehigh.  In front of an expected sellout crowd of 18,000 people, a win would in all probablility give them the Lambert Cup, given to the best team in the East, and an invitation to the Division II playoffs.

But a loss to the team that beat them last year would see all of Lehigh's opportunities fade away, the chance to qualify for the eight-team postseason playoff and championship Bowls, the opportunity to reverse last year's humbling loss to the Leopards.

It was win, and get the hardware, and a chance to compete for the championship.  Lose, and sit at home, wondering what could have been.
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